Art in Honor of Nature & the Circle of Life


Earth Goddess © 1994

Art imbued with Beauty,

Alive with Color,

Radiant with Light

Expresses my Gratitude to All of Creation.

Since growing up in under big midwestern skies in rural Michigan I have been inspired by beauty- the Beauty of the natural world, found pristinely here in Maine, as well as within each one of us. The Creative Energy at the core of both the inner and outer world is my constant source of awe and inspiration.

Painting is a collaborative experience with color. I first began my dialog with color in the early eighties. For months I painted one-color paintings of each of the colors of the spectrum, using wet-on-wet watercolor technique. With little imposition on my part, the colors moved freely in the fluid medium of the water.

Each color possesses and shares a unique conscious resonance conveyed in a sensual language. I felt I was being tutored in that language. I experienced each one as sacred essence, a powerful conscious energy.

Finally I began to paint with the whole spectrum together. I observed each color, hold its uniqueness and simultaneously flow and merge with its closest neighbor in the Spectrum— Magenta into Red, Red into Orange, Orange into Yellow, Yellow through Green into Viridian Green, the center still point. On the other side Viridian flowed into Blue, Blue into Indigo, and Indigo into Violet.

The colors elegantly exhibit the principles of relationship: balance, and mutuality within the richness of diversity.

Watercolor to me is a medium alive with life and radiant with light. The simple purity of the water frees the color to be true to its nature.

I use watercolor in two different methods: 1) wet-on-wet: where the process is immediate and spontaneous and 2) veil paintings: where color is laid on in thin veils of minimal color, letting each layer dry before the next is laid on; building up the painting gradually out of as many as forty layers. The form emerges at the very end out of inter-related veils or sheets of light and energy impregnated color.

My current artistic process has emerged from decades of exploration. In the coming months I will also be sharing more of my earlier work in the retrospective galleries. So please return again.

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Trusting in Love, Beauty, Life, Light and Color,